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The trodden path

Posted by Carly Rose Jackson on March 11, 2009

Lara has been swimming since she was 10 and a half. Lara & Melissa.jpg

Her first coach, Melissa Lomeli, is still a part of our family.  Lara was a bridesmaid at her wedding.  My mom has a dog that once belong to Melissa.

When Lara got older, she found coach Wright Stanton.

He started a USA Swimming club team: the Barracudas.

He had to start his own team because of major drama with the other swim teams in El Paso.

You thought the Desperate Housewives were dram-queens.  They got nothing on private team rivalry in El Paso, Texas.

Part of the rift was caused by Coach Stanton’s style.  He focused on form, not necessarily on speed.  If Lara had a bad habit, he would pull apart her stroke until her habits improved.  Sometimes this meant that Lara didn’t swim as fast.  Another coach may have ignored the little flaws in Lara’s technique because she was so fast.  Not Wright.

When Lara went to college, she did not have the same impressive swim resume as most of her fellow freshmen swimmers.  She felt she was the slowest, shortest, weakest on her team.  She didn’t get a fancy scholarship.

But her sprint coach, Rick DeMont, has said that she has no bad habits.  She has grown into her strength.

As a senior this year, Lara is one of two team captains.  She has become an anchor on the team, bringing home a National Championship will do that.


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