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Olympic Trials Part I

Posted by Carly Rose Jackson on March 14, 2009

Last spring, Lara winning 50-yard free at NCAA planted the seed of expectation for Olympic Trials in July.  I thought about the Trials constantly.

Trials 2008 pool length & crowd.jpg

Above is a picture of the pool at the Qwest Center in Omaha where the Trials were held.  Notice the fancy display board and the huge crowd.  Can you imagine so many people going to watch a swim meet??

My parents spent the money to get tickets to Omaha.  We worried about Lara getting one of the high-tech suits, which she did.  I figured out how to watch the races via web streaming. 

My dad and I wondered if we would be able to go to Beijing if she did make the Olympic team.  Believe it or not, parents of athletes do not get free tickets to Olympic games.  Total bunk, don’t you think?

Lara’s chances to make the Olympic team were excellent.  At Nationals the year before she took second place to Dara Torres in the 50-free.  If Olympics were in 2007, Lara would have gone.  We were stoked.

Because of her excellent swim at Nationals in 2007, Lara was invited to swim in Japan for USA Swimming.  And thanks to YouTube, I found a video of it.  Unfortunately, Lara is Lane 2, which you can’t see from the camera angle.  Still, it’s fun to hear how excited the announcers get.



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