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Dear John

Posted by Carly Rose Jackson on April 26, 2011

Dear Starbucks,
We had a good, long run. Well, that’s a lie. We had a good, short run, but I hung on through quite a bit of bad . . . I didn’t know what else was out there and you were conveniently available. Though you regularly disappointed me, I kept coming back.

I mean, it was easy when I worked with you. I could make my own perfect cappuccino foam, and drink anything I wanted for free. Free coffee beans for home, so even on my days off, I never strayed. That was clever. Why would I drink coffee from anyone else? — I always had free Starbucks. Only now do I recognize that subtle manipulation.

Then I had to stop working with you, because I had to go back to school. But you were at school; two locations, one on either side of the building where I had all my classes.

This is when things went downhill.  Yes, I visited you because you were convenient, but afterwards, I was always filled with regret.  You must have noticed my growing dissatisfaction, because you tried to buy me back with gifts.  First you gave me extra points for having a registered Starbucks card, but then I realized the points didn’t actually mean anything, especially compared to my Boloco card.

Then you gave me this:

A super-shiny gold card with my name on it.

So . . . I’m a girl.

Which means, I am attracted to shiny things.

The name was a nice addition, because it declared:


And it came in the mail, directly to my house.

Girls like that kind of attention.

I mean, when someone gives you a shiny gold thing just for you, that means commitment– right??

Oddly enough, the presence of gold did not improve the flavor of the coffee.  Nor did it teach the baristas to actually make my drinks correctly or be polite.

So I took that gold card and I cut it in half!

Good-bye Starbucks!



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